Iraqi citizens condemn attack on PM

Baghdad residents on Sunday (November 7) criticized an apparent assassination attempt against Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

Officials say he escaped unharmed after armed drones targeted his residence in the Green Zone.

The incident has dramatically raised tension in the country weeks after a general election disputed by Iran-backed militia groups.

On Friday there were violent clashes between government forces and supporters of the Iran-backed political parties - many of whom have armed wings - who lost dozens of seats in the October 10 poll.

Abbas al-Joubouri is the head of the Rafed Centre for Media.

"It is the responsibility of everyone today to stand together in order to prevent inner turmoil that aims to destroy Iraq and its sovereignty. When a rocket hits the residence of the Prime Minister this means Iraq (was targeted). We should not remain silent. There must be wise men who intervene to end the consequences of this attack."

Footage from the Prime Minister's office released on Sunday (November 7) showed some of the damage.

A vehicle parked outside his home was seen with the windows blown out, surrounded by rubble and debris from the impact.

No group immediately claimed responsibility.

The United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran condemned the attack, with the US offering assistance with the investigation.

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