Iraqi craftsman turns boat model hobby into career

STORY: These miniature boats are a life-long passion

for craftsman Asaad Salman Daoud

L: Basra, Iraq

He started making models as a child

and now creates them for

customers in his Basra workshop

(Asaad Salman Daoud, Craftsman)

"Some customers make orders for gifts. There are people who buy it to put it in their reception room. I also have customers from abroad, from the Gulf for instance, especially as we are approaching the World Cup, demand from the Gulf has increased."

Daoud says he speaks with shipbuilders

and people who work on boats

to make the models more precise

"The wood I am working with at the moment is Burma teak. It is the best kind of wood. It is the same wood that the boat industry used to use. I source the wood from old doors, old wooden windows that are not used anymore. So, I get it through friends or on the market. As you know, this old wood is rare. I also get new Burma teak to work with."

The models range in size from 8 to 118 inches

Some models sell for as much as $2,000