Iraq's 'salt village' helps farmers stay afloat

Welcome to the 'salt village'

Location: Chamchamal

in Iraq's Kurdistan region

where villagers harvest artisanal salt

using their ancestors' techniques


"We have been working on this salt farm for over 200 years. We still do it according to our grandfathers' method. The villagers benefit from this salt, which we get from a saline water spring. It comes from the hills, about 200 meters away from the village. We gather the water in the ponds. During the summer months, water evaporates, and the pure salt remains."

Their way of life has helped to shield them

from the recent economic crisis

Farmers harvest over 440 tons a year

sold for $0.21 to $0.27 per kilo

to local businessmen


"I am a shopkeeper and when I run out of salt, I always come here to the ponds to buy salt. I usually buy 15 to 20 bags per week. The quality of this salt is excellent, it tastes like natural salt. Our customers always ask us for this kind of salt."