Irate Walmart customer coats floors in jam, syrup, hot sauce and pickles, PA cops say

Steven Senne/AP

A man trashed the same Walmart store twice because he had “waited in line too long,” Pennsylvania police say.

The 46-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the January incidents, in which he allegedly dumped foods and chemicals into the aisles of the store in Tilden, the Tilden Township Police Department said in a news release.

On Jan. 14, he coated the floors of a Walmart in bleach, motor oil, dish soap, maple syrup and jelly, police said. He returned on Jan. 20 and spilled bleach, pickles and hot sauce “onto the floor in various aisles” like last time.

“This created a hazardous condition for customers and employees who almost slipped and fell in the liquids,” police said in a release.

The person was captured on store surveillance cameras and police shared pictures of him throughout the month on social media, which led to his identification.

In an interview with investigators on Jan. 30, he admitted to causing the messes at Walmart as retaliation for poor customer service and because he had “waited in line too long,” police said.

However, the incidents that angered him happened at a Walmart in Lehigh Valley, and not the Tilden store.

“He just decided to take his frustrations out on the Tilden Walmart,” the release said, adding that the man “did not believe what he was doing was criminal.”

He is facing charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, as well as corruption of minors, according to police.

Another person seen with him on both occasions was later identified as a 13-year-old teenager from a family he’s friends with. According to earlier police releases, the teen followed the man around the store but did not take part in the vandalism.

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