Ireland Baldwin scares mom Kim Basinger with another NSFW Instagram – that isn't even her

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Ireland Baldwin posted another racy picture on Instagram that triggered a not-so-friendly reaction from her mother, Kim Basinger. The punchline: It isn't Ireland in the photo.

The 23-year-old model – who recently caught the attention (and ire) of her father, Alec Baldwin, and uncle Billy after posting a NSFW photo of herself – shared a shot of the late actress Romy Schneider lying in bed naked, her backside showing.

“Mood,” Ireland captioned the image Sunday.

Many fans believed the nude woman in the picture was Ireland, including her own mother, who freaked out in the comment section.

'I’m sorry. What?': Alec Baldwin reacts to daughter Ireland's NSFW Instagram

Ireland Baldwin has had some fun lately posting racy pics to her Instagram and shocking her parents.

"What ??? What ???? Where ??? Where ??? Who ???? Who???," Basinger wrote, signing her comment "Your MOM" with a red mad face emoji.

Basinger was not the only one under the impression that it was Ireland.

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"You're giving your parents heart attacks. You're so beautiful and I'm sure talented too why seek negative attention by posting vulgar stuff," @aahhshi commented, while @barm6404 added: "I can hear your dad screaming again."

Ireland quickly set the record straight by responding, "This isn’t me!!!!"

Alec Baldwin: 'No. Just ... No' to daughter Ireland's sexy Instagram photo

Kim Basinger, left, and her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, at the premiere of

Although Ireland wasn't in this particular picture, she hasn't shied away from showing off her sultry side on her social media account.

The model posted an Instagram photo Wednesday that shows her bare backside clad in a thong as she raises a hand in the air while gazing upon New York City.

"Thank you @sixtyhotels for the beautiful stay. I may never be allowed back but it’s chill," she wrote. "Also my butt isn’t that white. It’s the sun. No it’s also that white."

The post appeared to stun dear old dad and uncle Billy.

"I’m sorry. What?" Baldwin commented. Alec's young brother added: "Tough one for Uncle Billy to 'like.' #awkward"

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