Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Huge New Skeleton Tattoo in Hospital Bed Selfie


Ireland Baldwin posted this selfie, from her hospital bed, on Nov. 20. (Photo: Instagram)

Did Ireland Baldwin injure herself getting another tattoo? It’s not likely, but she is showing off her new ink from her hospital bed.

The model/famous kid, 20, was vague about what is ailing her, writing, “When you’re too daring and clumsy as ever and wind up in the hospital but your hair looking good.” She used the hashtags #brokemynail, #inthehospitalforabrokennail, #justkidding, and #butialsobrokemynail.

Sure enough, in the photo you can see she has a bloody finger on her left hand, among other injuries apparently. However, that boo-boo is tiny in comparison to the gigantic new skeleton tattoo taking up most of her arm, which she got on Nov. 12. “Bad to the bone,” it says under it, making us wonder just how bad a self-professed “lazy California girl who’s in yoga pants or beach bikini” all day is. But, hey, she likes David Bowie, so we can’t judge her too harshly.

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Ireland’s Instagram photo can only be described as a glamorous hospital selfie. Her dyed brown locks are perfectly styled as she reclined against a pile of pillows. She also looks a lot like her famous mother, Kim Basinger. (No offense, Alec Baldwin. We’re sure there’s some of you in there as well.)

Ireland has had a heckuva year — and we don’t mean that in a good way. In addition to this injury, she spent several weeks in a treatment facility for emotional trauma. She also broke up with her girlfriend, Angel Haze, and was photographed over the summer with some mystery bruises, leading to unconfirmed reports that she had been the victim of an assault.

Just last week, however, she looked happy and healthy as she watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC. Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet — and out and about — again soon.