Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: April 2, 2021 (Pt. 3)

KDKA's Rich Walsh and 93.7 The Fan's Paul Zeise discuss the sports topics of the day.

Video Transcript

JOSH TAYLOR: All right, welcome back to the Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call. Paul, your name came up today. I was out, and I decided to venture out, do something different today. I had to get my hair cut, decided to go to a barbershop for the first time. I usually get my hair cut at Izzazu here downtown, but I went to a barbershop close to my house out there in Plum called Continental Comb. Justin Kent, he was like, Paul Zeise used to come here all the time to get his haircut. I love the place, and I'm definitely gonna go back.

PAUL ZEISE: That's good. That's a good place. Yeah, where for a little bit there I lived out in Plum, that's why I was out there. But I don't live out there anymore. I live completely on the other side of town, so it wouldn't make sense for me to go all the way there.

JOSH TAYLOR: So that's why you're not gonna go back, but your hair has always looked good, and that's what I told him.

PAUL ZEISE: I mean, I mean, I will go back if I happen to be on that side of town. But it's just I'm never on that side of town.

JOSH TAYLOR: Well, maybe we'll get you on that side of town to golf here pretty soon. The weather's looking good.

PAUL ZEISE: Absolutely.


JOSH TAYLOR: All right, buddy, appreciate it. I'll see you tomorrow same time, same place. Hopefully, you guys make the switch over to KDKA News right now.