Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: March 26, 2021 (Pt. 3)

KDKA's Rich Walsh and 93.7 The Fan's Paul Zeise discuss the sports topics of the day.

Video Transcript

RICH WALSH: All right, welcome back to Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call. You know, when we talk about the Pirates, Paul, you always get some nice tweets here. Antonio Morelli tweeted both of us, said, don't even waste your time talking about the Pirates, and I think it's embarrassing. Vic Harrison just tweeted me, saying, you think the Pirates playing decent in spring training may actually lead to the team somehow not embarrassing themselves this year? My answer to that final tweet there is, no. I think it's gonna be an embarrassing season for the Pirates.

PAUL ZEISE: I don't think it'll be embarrassing, because--

RICH WALSH: What, you think 58 wins is something to be proud of? That's embarrassing.

PAUL ZEISE: But I mean, I think everybody's expecting them to-- you know what I mean? This isn't like this is a team that everyone thinks is gonna win 80 games. Everybody knows the deal. They're rebuilding; they scrapped every-- you know, scrapped it as much as they. They're back with a cast of a lot of younger players or, you know, misfit parts, and they're trying to rebuild an organization. So if they lose 60 games-- I'm sorry, if they win 60 games, OK, that's not ideal, but I don't know that that's just necessarily embarrassing themselves. Unless they're going out and they're getting-- you know, they're getting 10-0, 10-2, 12-1, those kind of games. But if they're competitive most nights, that is what it is.

RICH WALSH: Are you looking forward to the start of baseball season? I mean, we're getting back to what we think is close to being normal, right? And maybe we'll see normal at some point during the baseball season. Are you looking forward to this season?

PAUL ZEISE: I am. I mean, I enjoy baseball, and I enjoy, you know, going over to-- PNC Park is always still-- it's still a great experience for me. And I think that, you know what? This will be kind of an interesting team to watch, because I think you'll see some younger guys, you know, get a chance to come up and play that maybe we wouldn't have gotten to see in the past. So I think it should be an interesting season.

RICH WALSH: Yeah, I'm encouraged by seeing some younger guys play. And this is what I hope-- I wish they would have done this a couple of years ago. What I'm not encouraged by is they don't really have any young pitchers coming up, Paul. And that's what concerns me, because that's hard, to get a good pitcher.

PAUL ZEISE: Well, it's funny. Mitch Keller is a guy, you know, they probably had about seven opportunities to trade for really good players, you know? And they've held on to him. So he has got to, basically, live up to some sort of promise, or else he'll be another guy that they basically valued far more as a prospect than he probably warranted. And you know, again, most of their best prospects are in single A. And that tells you that they're two, three, four years away.

RICH WALSH: All right I know you'll appreciate this phone call here, Paul. It's got Frankie Moon. How are you doing, Frank?

FRANKIE MOON: Hey, Rich. Hey, Paul. How are you guys doing tonight?

RICH WALSH: Good, thanks for calling.

FRANKIE MOON: I just want you to know, I understand what's going on with the Pirates, the Penguins, the Sailors, all that. And you know, but I think with this whole pandemic thing, I think we have to, like, as Pittsburgh people who love Pittsburgh sports, I think we have to, like, look at what happened today. The Sacred Heart boys won the state championship. The North Allegheny girls won the state championship. And they went through all the pandemic as well as anybody else. And I think we need to give them a shout-out. And the boys were undefeated again. So I think it was a great day for high school sports in Pittsburgh.

RICH WALSH: Yeah, you know, Frank, I appreciate you-- I appreciate you bringing that up. I'm actually going to have highlights coming up at 11:00 o'clock. And I know you're very familiar, Paul, with North Allegheny. This is a team that should have won last year. Oh, both of those teams missed opportunities in the state playoffs last year, and this year, it maybe kind of makes up for it, Paul, don't you think?

PAUL ZEISE: Well, I mean, I think what's good for all the players that you have an opportunity to come back and make it right, yes. I mean, again, that's what has made it so sweet for some of these teams. Teams that lost out on their opportunity last year, they get to come back and do it this year.

RICH WALSH: Hey, Paul, I enjoyed it. I'll see you back here again very soon.

PAUL ZEISE: Absolutely.

RICH WALSH: All right, thanks, Paul. Thank you for watching. Thank you for tweeting. Hopefully, you make the switch over to KDKA News right now.