Ireland Contracting Nightly Sports Call: June 4, 2021 (Pt. 2)

KDKA's Rich Walsh and 93.7 The Fan's Paul Zeise discuss the sports topics of the day.

Video Transcript

RICH WALSH: All right, welcome back. Don't forget about "Fan N'ation" tomorrow at 7:30 on KDKA and then right here on Pittsburgh CW at 11 o'clock. We're going over the best fan stories of the year and also revisiting how the Franco's Italian army started. That's tomorrow at 7:30 on KDKA and Saturday at 11 o'clock right here on Pittsburgh CW if you're a big "Fan N'ation." All right, we'll continue the Bucco talk. Let's go out to Kirk in Harmar. How are you doing, Kirk?

- Hi, guys. Hey, just a brief history lesson. This McClatchy, his newspapers were failing. Newspapers are going by the way of the horse and buggy. Then we get saddled with a guy who's a worse businessman, this Nutting. He spent $100 million buying six ski resorts in the last 10 years and spent another 100 million making snow to try to keep them afloat. That's $200 million down the drain that he could have been buying baseball players with. This team will never be a professional baseball team. It's Triple-A at best. I'm so sick and tired of the sports personality talk show hosts talking about a rebuilding year. There is no rebuilding year. The Pirates have been in a rebuilding year for 25 years. So listen, this guy is not going to spend money. The Pirates will always be a perennial loser, because they don't pay ballplayers. That's all I have to say.

RICH WALSH: Hey, Kirk, are we the small time talk show hosts that you're talking about?

- Well, if you keep repeating and regurgitating the old [INAUDIBLE]--

RICH WALSH: I'm not regurgitating anything. Have you watched this show on Friday nights, Kirk? If you watch this show, I think we hammer the Pirates more than anyone else.

- OK. I believe you do.


- And I'll tell you what, the fans need to stop going to the games.

RICH WALSH: Kirk, I totally 100%-- Kirk, thanks for the-- So don't support the Pirates. That's what I tell people that tell me. We only have 15 seconds left. I love the Pirates. Hopefully, this rebuild works. It's a different management. We got to give them some time, right?

PAUL ZEISE: Kirk must be fun at parties.

RICH WALSH: All right, we'll see you tomorrow. We'll see you tomorrow, Paul. Thanks for tuning in. Hope you make the switch over to KDKA news right now.