IRIS-T air defense systems have already cleared Ukrainian skies of 60 Russian air targets

The IRIS-T air defense division destroyed more than 60 aerial targets over Ukraine

He posted a footage of the systems on combat duty.

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The IRIS-T systems can share information from their radar with “neighboring” air defense systems so that its neighbor can continue to track and attack enemy targets.

“Everyone had a great impression on the first day of using the system,” said the deputy commander of an anti-aircraft missile unit aka Jeweler.

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“First of all, because they shot all (targets) down.”

The German government has already delivered two IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine, in October 2022 and in late April 2023.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on April 23 that its first Patriot air defense batteries had been placed on combat duty.

On April 27, it was reported that a second Patriot air defense battery had also been placed on combat duty in Ukraine.

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