‘Irreplaceable buddies’: Rod Stewart announces the death of his second brother in two months

‘Irreplaceable buddies’: Rod Stewart announces the death of his second brother in two months

Rod Stewart has announced the death of his brother Bob, two months after the death of their eldest brother Don.

The 77-year-old musician shared the news on social media on Wednesday (30 November).

He used a photo edit of a candle and the words “Rest in Peace” to share the unfortunate message with his followers.

“It’s with great sadness that I announce the loss of my brother Bob last night, who joins my brother Don on the great football pitch in the sky,” he began his caption.

“I’ve lost two of my best mates in the space of two months. RIP Don and Bob, “irreplaceable buddies’.”

Fans and friends have been quick to share their condolences and well wishes.

“I’m terribly sorry for your loss my friend,” Sharon Stone wrote.

“How sad… deepest condolences to you all. RIP Bob,” added Piers Morgan, while music producer David Foster said: “My sincere condolences.”

In September, Stewart announced that his eldest brother, Don, had passed away, two days before the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

With a picture of the royal crown logo, the “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” singer wrote: “It has been a devastating 48 hours. We lost my brother Don on Tuesday at 94 and today we have all lost Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at 96.”

Rod Stewart (Getty Images For Bauer Media)
Rod Stewart (Getty Images For Bauer Media)

Recently, Stewart was a noteworthy artist to distance himself from the World Cup in Qatar. He revealed that he turned down at least $1m (£845,000) to perform at the opening ceremony, which took place earlier this month.

“I was actually offered a lot of money, over $1m, to play there 15 months ago,” Stewart, 77, told The Sunday Times. “I turned it down. It’s not right to go. And the Iranians should be out too for supplying arms.”