Irving's MacArthur High School Was On Lockdown Due To 'Possible Threat Of Student With Gun'

MacArthur High School went on lockdown Wednesday afternoon, April 14, due to a possible threat of a student with a handgun.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: We're going to start with breaking news out of Irving you may have heard some chatter about. Police are still going through MacArthur High School. We've got a live picture for you right now.

Officers are here investigating the possibility of a student having a gun in the building. We do know students are still on campus. Officers are going room by room, a methodical search happening at this hour.

And as they clear each room, what's happening is students are then being transferred over to Travis Middle School to then be reunited with parents. And a lot of them are concerned, of course, as you'd imagine. Police so far, I can report, as we go back live, have found nothing at the school. That's the latest report from them to us.

The process, we hear, could go on maybe another 30 minutes, maybe another hour or so. But they're making progress. We will keep an eye and monitor the situation going on again at MacArthur, and let you know if anything there develops.