Isaac Hayes' Family Furious Trump Used Song For His Jig At Controversial NRA Speech

The family of the late legendary musician Isaac Hayes has posted an angry tweet lashing former President Donald Trump’s use of one of Hayes’s songs at his controversial speech Friday at the National Rifle Association convention.

“The estate and family of Isaac Hayes DID NOT approve and would NEVER approve the use of ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ ... by Donald Trump at this weekend’s NRA convention,” said the tweet.

The tweet added: “Our condolences go out to the victims and families of Uvalde and mass shooting victims everywhere.”

In a bold display of disrespect, Trump bashed gun control and hailed all firearms in his Friday speech, including the kind of military-style assault weapons that killed 19 children and two teachers in a mass shooting in Uvalde last week.

Trump then mangled the pronunciation of victims’ names, which he read interspersed with cheesy funeral toll sounds.

Trump wrapped up his speech smiling, with his clenched fists and wooden dance steps to the song “Hold On, I’m Coming,” written by Hayes and David Porter, and recorded in 1966 by rhythm-and-blues duo Sam and Dave.

The lyrics — including “Just hold on, I’m coming” — sounded suspiciously like a preening campaign song, shockingly inappropriate as Uvalde prepares to bury the slain children.

A long list of musicians — from the Rolling Stones to Black Sabbath, Adele, R.E.M., Rihanna and Aerosmith, and the estates of Tom Petty and Prince — have contacted Trump’s campaign organization to demand he stop appropriating their songs without permission to promote himself. Neither the artists nor songs have anything remotely to do with his positions, they’ve charged.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.