Isla Fisher Has ‘Made Love’ To Every Sacha Baron Cohen Character - But Guess Who Was Her Fave?

By Mary Gallagher

Grimsby star Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed to Yahoo Celeb that his pretty partner has er, got fresh with each of his madcap characters. That’s definitely commitment Isla.

But who did the former Home & Away star like being naughty with the best?

Weirdly NOT sex god Borat but camp menace Austrian Bruno apparently. Yes, really.

Credit: Rex Sacha and Isla at the premiere of his new spoof Grimsby

Sacha AKA Borat and The Dictator, confessed that his stunning Australian spouse – who he wed in 2010 and with whom he has three children, Olive, Elula and Montgomery – preferred to bed the gay fashionista because he was impeccably hygienic, rather than the hairy, eastern European, documentary makeover.

When asked which of his hilarious personas Isla preferred, including the famous yob Ali G, Sacha replied: “My wife’s? Well she’s had to make love to all of them.

“I think the least favourite was Borat. Probably the best was Bruno because of the personal hygiene. Bruno showered, shaved, waxed.”

Credit: Rex. Hot, right?

And the 44-year-old actor gave another revelation about flamboyant Bruno, whose quest to become famous in the States led him to getting naked on screen and miming sex acts.

He joked: “You know ironically, I can say in the film Bruno I actually got my anus bleached. Coincidentally when Obama was elected. So I came out with a white anus when America got its first black president.”

Meanwhile, the popular funnyman said unlike his many alter egos, he is far from being fame-hungry in real life, and joked: “When I’m having a shower I like to have at least 15 cameras in there. You know I’m on Instagram continually?”

We’re undecided as to whether we would like to see that footage, Sacha.