Island Avenue School Use Committee​ Seeks Public Input

Ellyn Santiago

MADISON, CT — Before the end of the month, the seven-person Island Avenue School Use Committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on what to do with the site.

As the Committee nears the end of its charge, it is asking residents to weigh in through an online survey.

The Committee explained its process, and given the pandemic that stopped its in-person work in its track, a request for people to answer just two questions, so they can make their final report.

First, the committee identified the limitations of the property by performing a septic system feasibility study, then it began to ask for public input in public sessions, that was not do-able for the past three-plus months, then it will narrow down the list of "feasible options for the property" and bring that list to the Board of Selectmen.

"We met as a committee twice prior to the appearance of" coronavirus and resulting COVID-19, the Committee wrote on the town's website.

"This event significantly changed our timeline as we did not meet during the last half of March, the month of April, and the first half of May. When we resumed meeting on 19 May, our previous methods of gathering public input were no longer realistic. In response to this, we revamped our schedule, deciding to present our methodology and the request for funding of a septic system feasibility study to the BoS as part of an 8 June status update. Instead of holding public information gathering sessions, we will use the town website to take information from the public via the form of two open-ended questions."

The Committee can take comments during the public comment portion of their meeting. To ask a question, please submit an email to the town and it will be directed to the appropriate committee member, they said.

Here is the survey.

This article originally appeared on the Madison Patch