Isolated strong, severe storms possible in northwestern cities

Rain chances go up tonight as our next cool front moves in. Showers and storms expected throughout the day on Monday.

Video Transcript

RACHEL BRIERS: Well, good evening, everyone. I'm meteorologist Rachel Briers, and here's a look at your one minute weather.

Well we, have a cold front that will be making its way in as we head into this evening. As it does move on in, it will also bring in some showers and storms. You can see this is at 8:00 PM, that's when we are expecting that cold front to make its way into College Station. You can see that line of showers and storms moving on in at that time.

It looks like that line should be pushing in to the northwestern portions of Harris County, Columbus, also over towards Conroe and Livingston by around midnight. It should make its way over towards Houston by around 3:00 AM.

And this is also where we are seeing that cold front. So you can see that cold front also making its way into Houston at around the same time. It shouls continue to make its way towards the coast as we head into the early morning hours.

And notice we are not just going to be done with the rainfall once that front rolls on through. We could continue to see that chance for showers and storms as we head throughout Monday afternoon, as well as going into the evening.

And we actually are expecting those rain chances to actually continue at least through Tuesday morning. We'll see those rain chances taper off as we head into Tuesday afternoon.

Now, there is a catch. A couple of those storms as we head into the later evening hours of tonight, as well as going to the very early morning hours of tomorrow, could be on the strong to severe side. You can see part of the area is outlooked in this green area, that includes College Station, Brenham, as well as over towards Huntsville. In this area, it's possible we could end up seeing an isolated severe storm or two.

If we happen to see a severe storm, it will most likely be due to the threat of damaging hail. It could be around quarter size in diameter.

Now the rest of us, that does not mean that we will not see a strong to severe storm, it just means that our chances will be lower. Now, if we happen just to see a strong storm, main threats will most likely be pea-sized hail along with the potential of lightning and also that heavy rainfall. So don't be surprised if you hear some thunder as we head into the overnight hours. But again, overall, our severe threat will be on the low side.

The better chances of severe weather will remain off to the north of us. It will be in the northeastern portions of the state of Texas.

Now, also as we head into the next 24 to 48 hours, we will be looking at some decent chances of rainfall. You can see in our northern counties we could be talking the potential for one to two inches of rain. Now locally, where we see some of the heavier rainfall and those heavier thunderstorms, we could see rain totals over this. And then closer to the coast, we should see some lower rain totals.

Now, also, I did mention, yes, a cool front. This will be making its way on in tonight as well as into tomorrow. And our temperatures behind that front will be cooling off. You can see in Houston we're actually expecting to start off with temperatures in the 60s. But as we push throughout the day tomorrow, we're expecting those temperatures to drop a bit.

So tomorrow is a good day to keep the jacket handy if you live in our northern counties. Huntsville, Brenham, Columbus, La Grange, College Station, your temperatures will most likely stay in the 50s throughout the entire day. So again, it'll be a good day to keep the jacket handy. And that cool air will continue to filter in as we head into Monday as well as going into Tuesday.

I also want to touch on this, we do have a dense fog advisory for our coastal communities until 7:00 AM Monday. You can see that fog is going to try to roll in as we head into the overnight hours, and then once that cool front makes its way on in, that will help to usher that fog out. You can see it pushing down towards the coast by around 7:00 AM, and then should push off the coast as we head into the mid to late morning hours.

So here's a look at your next 10 days. Tomorrow, make sure you take the umbrella with you. Also, make sure that you give yourself some extra time on your morning commute, and even your evening commute, because we could be looking at the potential for showers and storms. Again, expecting dropping temperatures here in Houston throughout the day, so take the jacket with you.

Going to be looking at temperatures in the area in the 50s and 60s as we head throughout your Monday. And then heading into Tuesday, you're going to have that rain chance, especially in the morning. We're going to start drying out, though. We're going to see those rain chances go down heading into the afternoon to evening and may even see some of that sunshine as we head into the late afternoon hours on Tuesday.

Wednesday, looking at all of that sunshine. We'll have another rain chance on Friday, and then we should see a lot more sunshine pop up as we head into next weekend.