Isolated thunderstorms tonight

Isolated thunderstorms tonight

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PARELLA LEWIS: Well, we've got cloudy skies out there, right now. We'll get into some isolated thunderstorms again, later this afternoon and evening. Again, the key word is isolated. And then some scattered showers as we go throughout the day tomorrow in a couple isolated thunderstorms as well for your Saturday.

And then as we get into Sunday, we will be mainly dry. So we did have a couple of those isolated thunderstorms yesterday, last night. Those are now pushing off to the East.

We've still got a frontal system back to the West. And look at this, the severe weather threat today is very high for portions of Louisiana and Mississippi, some of that spills over in Alabama, and then a medium risk for portions of Georgia. As we take a closer look across our viewing area, these lighter green here, just letting you know, anywhere around here, we could see some thunderstorms today, but the stronger storms will stay out to the West.

As we take a look at tomorrow, some of those stronger storms could kind of skirt the border here, but again, everyone has a chance of seeing some scattered rainfall in an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow as well. But even tomorrow, the main energy will stay out to the West.

So in terms of impacts today, those isolated thunderstorms later, again, looking at strong winds and isolated hail. Those will be the primary concerns. The risk for flooding is low, the risk for tornadoes is there, but right now, it is low. So as we go throughout the day today, notice after 4 o'clock or so, we'll start to see some isolated thunderstorms begin to fire up around Hartwell, Elberton, Abbeville, Anderson.

You had thunderstorms yesterday. And then they kind of fire up and then fizzle down as we go into late tonight. And then here comes tomorrow morning, we'll see a few scattered showers in the morning. We'll see a few scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon and possibly some of those lingering into Saturday evening.

And then early Sunday morning, very early before 7/8 o'clock we could see a few left over scattered showers, but as we go throughout the day on Sunday, looks like things will clear out nicely and we'll get back to some sunshine. So unsettled for the next couple of days, with late afternoon and evening thunderstorms possible but again, very isolated.

Then as we go into early next week, we start to see that warming up trend taking hold under a ridge of high pressure keeping the rain away for at least a few days next week.