Israel health minister under fire over ultra-Orthodox COVID-19 crisis

Ben Simon
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    As far as what we see in Lakewood NJ the Hasidic community is the dominant source of cases and they still ignore order from the state and have big gatherings
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    I'm in Jerusalem right now. Everything is closed for a reason, except some stores and supermarkets. The Old City is closed. There has been a spread of the virus because these Ultra Orthodox didn't comply with the quarantine protocols. I'm a Christian and we can't go to church right now because of the circumstances. But that's life, that's the situation here.
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    Peri Browner
    It is time for the rest of the world to let Darwin work his Natural Selection magic. No matter what your religion, if you believe in faith and not science, then let your shaman heal you and leave real medicines for those of us who believe, trust, and support SCIENCE.
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    Dr. Fu
    In my book life has a higher priority than archaic superstation.
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    Orthodox aren't children. They are solely to blame for their own choices.
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    this has nothing to do with anything other than people who simply do not listen the first time or pay attention the second time.
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    "I don't think he was doing anything to hurt the rest of Israeli society" Really? Anyone who doesn't follow current restrictions is putting the rest of society at risk. This is why we have such widespread with nurses, doctors, police officers, etc dying.
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    Tensions with the Hasidic Jewish communities in Brooklyn will come to a head. I keep seeing videos of mass gatherings anytime a rabbi dies of covid 19. I dont even understand how they are obtaining the bodies when everyone else is unable to have access to the deceased. They are not bad people but they are so narrow sighted in this regard thay they are costing the rest of us valuable resources and endangering others.
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    You can educate people but what they do with that knowlage is out of your control. It seems that the Ultra Orthodox community is going experience a shrinkage in population due to stubbornness or outright ignorance....
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    I was fortunate enough to be taught the history of Israel in the late 1980s. I wish the deeply religious would all go there and fight it out. Winner gets that pile of sand and rocks, and the rest of us can actually get to work moving the world forward.