Israel is requiring digital vaccine passports to enter certain facilities

CBS News correspondent Robert Berger talks about the ‘green passes’ that are required in Israel to enter gyms, theaters and other public locations

Video Transcript

MIKE SIMPSON: Do you have your green pass? And what's it like?

ROBERT BERGER: Well, I do. I do have one. Basically, you need to have at least one vaccination or two. And that's it. I mean, it enables you to do a lot of things. There are an awful lot of things you can still do without a green passport, though.

CHARLES FELDMAN: Has there been, Robert, much controversy or resistance in Israel to carrying what amounts to, you know, a permission slip to get to do things?

ROBERT BERGER: Well, obviously, the people who have gotten the shot and have gotten vaccinated, they're very happy with it. Now there are, of course, people here, just like in America, who don't want to get vaccinated for various reasons. And then they do complain of a certain form of discrimination.

I don't think it's that controversial because a huge portion of the Israeli population has actually been vaccinated, over 60%. So there are some issues, but I think, certainly, people like the idea that the COVID rate is going down and they can start to do some things. The people who don't have it, of course, do feel left out.