Israel swoops on West Bank Hamas cell: Shin Bet

Israeli soldiers are deployed during a demonstration called by Hamas in the West Bank town of Hebron in October 2014 (AFP Photo/Hazem Bader)

Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel's internal security service said Monday it had caught 11 alleged Hamas fighters in the occupied West Bank who planned attacks against Israelis.

The group, from the city of Hebron, was arrested in January by Shin Bet agents and troops, a statement said.

"Its activists were engaged in planning various attacks, including a suicide attack," it said

The suspects confessed to a failed attempt in December at the Jewish settlement enclave of Tel Rumeida in the centre of Hebron during interrogation, Shin Bet said.

It named the group's leaders as Suhaib Mamun Sultan, 20 and Salem Abbas Sultan, 28.

"According to the plan, the two were to throw an explosive device to draw soldiers to the site, then detonate a powerful bomb already concealed there," the Shin Bet said.

It said that following interrogation a stash of weapons and explosives were discovered.

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