Israeli Wants to Use Powerful Lasers to Cut Apart Iran's Missiles

Mark Episkopos

Key point: Iran has threatened Israel before, but Israeli is working on laser missile defenses. The question is whether the Iron Laser will work and be worth the cost.

Iran’s bold summer campaign against U.S. allies and interests in the Persian Gulf-- including military support for Houthi rebels and an alleged drone strike against Saudi Arabia--has alarmed Jerusalem to the prospect of an imminent Israel-Iran conflict, shining a critical spotlight on the core pillar of Israel’s defensive deterrent against Iran: its anti-air systems.

This first appeared in 2019 and is being reposted due to reader interest.

The operational and logistical flaws in the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) technically impressive, but expensive and unwieldy four-tiered missile defense shield have reignited Israeli interest in laser technology.

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