On the issues: John Duarte and Adam Gray on abortion, inflation and Central Valley water wars

John Duarte,
Democratic Assemblymember Adam Gray, left, and Republican businessman John Duarte are running for an open congressional seat in the Central Valley. (Associated Press)
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Democratic Assemblymember Adam Gray and Republican farm owner John Duarte are vying to represent the heavily agricultural 13th Congressional District in the Central Valley.

The race is one of 10 key California contests in the Nov. 8 midterm election that could determine the balance of power in the House of Representatives. No incumbent chose to run in the district created by the once-every-decade redrawing of congressional maps following the census, creating a rare open seat.

Gray's answers are drawn from a questionnaire The Times sent to candidates in competitive California congressional races and the responses have been edited for clarity and length. Duarte did not respond, so information about his views were collected from his campaign website, video of a candidate debate and news coverage of the race.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.