Istanbul launches major digital-focused tourism campaign

After the cosmopolitan destination welcomed some 13.4 million visitors in 2018 -- up 24% on the previous year -- the Turkish city's Metropolitan Municipality has launched an extensive global tourism campaign, notably focusing on digital platforms, to promote Istanbul as a must-visit destination. 

With 2016's string of attacks -- including one at Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport -- not yet forgotten, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has launched a tourism project called "Visit Istanbul," highlighting the historical and cultural assets of the Turkish destination. This campaign is set to run over the course of a year and will focus on digital platforms. A first time-lapse video has already been published, showcasing the city's neighborhoods, as well as tourist attractions such as cruises on the Bosporus. The next film will focus on Istanbul's cuisine.

The campaign is notably targeting travelers from Middle Eastern Countries, the United Kingdom, Russia, the USA, Germany, France, India and China. It will also run via the website.