Italian business, unions warn political turmoil risks troika

ROME (Reuters) - Italian unions and employers voiced concern on Monday that the political crisis in Rome could lead to Italy being placed under special administration by European authorities and the International Monetary Fund.

Luigi Angeletti, head of the UIL union, said if the chaos created by the breakdown of Enrico Letta's government persisted, Italy risked following Greece in being placed under special oversight by the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund "troika".

"The alternative to a real government is real special administration by the troika which will make choices that do not correspond to the interests of the Italian people," Angeletti told a joint news conference held with other union chiefs.

There were similar warnings from business leaders.

"The current crisis is worrying us because it risks frustrating the sacrifices that Italians and businesses have made over all these years," the head of the Confindustria business lobby, Giorgio Squinzi, told reporters in Milan.

"I hope that all this instability does not lead to our country...being put under special administration (by Europe)."

(Reporting Francesca Piscioneri and Giulio Piovaccari)