Italian factory workers start Green Pass checks

Workers arriving for their shift at this factory in Italy's Umbria region on Thursday (October 14) had their COVID-19 Green Pass documentation checked at the door.

From Friday (October 15) all workers in the country will have to show it to confirm either proof of vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from infection.

Making it one of the world's strictest coronavirus measures.

Some politicians, unions and businesses fear the measure will cause shortages and disruptions rather than boost inoculations and output as the government hopes.

But at the ISA factory that makes refrigeration display cases for bars, restaurants ad ice-cream parlours, management are in favor of the measure.

Chief Operating Officer Cesare Ceraso.

"The collaboration between colleagues has been great. There have been some questions on the protocol, on the decree, but we have seen great collaboration and patience from the workers and unions."

The management team have hired a security service to man entrances to the building and carry out tests for the workers.

The Green Pass policy has the backing of a majority of Italians, according to polls.

But it has also triggered angry demonstrations, like these in Rome at the weekend.

And workers who have declined to get vaccinated have threatened to block the major port of Trieste if it is not rescinded.

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