Italian Fire Service Pitches in to Help Hospitals Deal With COVID-19 Emergency

As Italy remains on lockdown, the nation’s fire service continues its collaboration with the civil protection department to provide different services across Italy to deal with the COVID-19 emergency.

This video compilation, shared on March 31, shows the Italian fire service, Vigili del Fuoco, helping out across different parts of Italy.

The first part of the video shows the transportation of oxygen cylinders in Bergamo to hospitals, pharmacies, and people with home therapeutic needs, according to the Vigili del Fuoco.

The second part of the video shows trucks carrying disinfectant toward the northern regions of Italy, the fire service said.

The third part of the video shows firefighters in Crotone, in Southern Italy, transporting and installing a prefab building in front of the city hospital to allow triage operations for arriving patients, according to the fire service. Credit: Vigili del Fuoco via Storyful