Italian photographer Barbieri holds exhibit in Milan

STORY: Location: Milan, Italy

This exhibition celebrates acclaimed fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri

From exotic and colorful settings for Vogue Italia [arrow]

to model Eva Herzigova eating spaghetti [arrow]

Barbieri, now 87, came to the fore of international fashion photography in the 1960s

His trademark black-and-white shots and theatrical-like settings tapped into film noir

which he says ‘gives the ability to imagine all the colors one wants’

[Luca Casulli, Director / 29 Arts in Progress Gallery]

“Here we have on display works that were even taken in the early sixties and if you look at them it seems like they were taken yesterday. This is the power of Gian Paolo. He interprets all of the culture and all of the inspiration around his life and long career and he transforms all of these citations into something new with his trademark style."

Barbieri produced for designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood

as well as for famous names including actress Monica Bellucci and designer Donatella Versace

Past models and designers flocked to Milan's 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery for a preview