Ivanka Trump pretended to be a scientist and 'tested' some vape juice

Chloe Bryan

Ivanka Trump has dipped a complicit toe into STEM.

The president's daughter traveled to Iowa on Monday to promote her dad's infrastructure plan. One of her stops was the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience's Innovation & Learning Center, where she participated in several experiments alongside students. And she took pics in a lab coat!

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Per Business Insider, one particular photo shows Ivanka testing the nicotine content of — that's right — vape juice. She instagrammed (and tweeted) this image, which looks like a promotional still from a straight-to-DVD movie starring Katherine Heigl, on Monday evening.

When the posts went up, the internet had a lot on its Trump plate already (thanks, Don Jr.). Still, it found enough energy to dunk on Ivanka — who does not have any experience in science, infrastructure, or vaping — a few times. So selfless!

Perhaps we will see some "Ivanka Trump pretending to be a scientist" costumes this Halloween. Don't forget your lightly inquisitive expressions!

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