I've worked at Costco for 18 years. Here are 10 of the best things I'm seeing on shelves right now.

  • Costco is carrying great foods, storage devices, and Valentine's Day finds this February.

  • Grab Le Chic Pâtissier macarons or a bouquet of forever roses for the holiday.

  • Stock your kitchen with Rao's Calabrian-chile sauce and Foster Farms take-out crispy wings.

As a longtime Costco employee, I'm always on the lookout for eye-catching items at the store.

Here are 10 of the best things at Costco right now.

Prices may vary by location.

The Le Chic Pâtissier heart-shaped macarons are too cute to pass up.

A hand holds a pink box of pink and creme heart-shaped macarons
The Le Chic Pâtissier heart-shaped macarons come in vanilla and raspberry flavors.Veronica Thatcher

With Valentine's Day approaching, the Le Chic Pâtissier heart-shaped macarons are a great gift idea.

Each package, which is located in the refrigerated section, features 25 raspberry and vanilla macarons. The macarons are $13.70 at my store.

Rao's Calabrian-chili marinara sauce is full of flavor.

Four jars of Rao's Calabrian chile marinara on a shelf at Costco. The jars are red
Rao's Calabrian-chili marinara sauce has the perfect amount of spice.Veronica Thatcher

Rao's has done it again with the brand's Calabrian-chili marinara.

The sweet, spicy sauce combines cherry tomatoes with chiles grown in Calabria. It has a great kick without being too spicy.

My Costco has a limited stock of the $15 two-packs.

I use the iDesign cosmetic organizers to minimize clutter.

A box depicting clear plastic cosmetics organizers and makeup  with "iDesign cosmetic organizers" label
The iDesign cosmetic-organizer set comes with drawers and a rotating carousel.Veronica Thatcher

The iDesign cosmetic-organizer set is a great way to keep everything in its place.

The set features two three-drawer stackable organizers and a rotating carousel with removable liners. I also love that they're easy to clean with a damp wipe or paper towel.

The iDesign organizers are $30 at my store.

Forever Roses can make a great gift.

A box with red and pink hearts and a heart-shaped vase with roses
A bouquet of Forever Roses doesn't require water.Veronica Thatcher

If you're looking for roses that won't die immediately, then I recommend grabbing the Forever Roses at Costco.

Each box of roses, which will be in warehouses for a limited time, features 17 flowers arranged in a heart shape. Since the roses are already preserved, no water is required.

According to its packaging, the roses are expected to last a year. A bouquet of forever roses costs $100 at my store.

This month, the Foster Farms Buffalo-style wings have been a hot seller.

A hand holds a black bag with pictures of crispy chicken wings and a yellow Foster Farms label
The Foster Farms take-out crispy wings with Buffalo-style sauce are crunchy and tasty.Veronica Thatcher

The Foster Farms take-out crispy wings are ready to heat and eat and even come with Buffalo-style sauce packets.

I simply place the wings in the air fryer at 390 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 minutes, and they're ready to serve. They're gluten-free and made with antibiotic-free chicken.

The Foster Farms Buffalo wings cost $16 at my Costco.

Organize a space with the Bayside Furnishings O'nin room divider.

A drawer system with eight fabric gray drawers with handles on display at Costco
The Bayside Furnishings O'nin room divider is stylish and efficient.Veronica Thatcher

The Bayside Furnishings O'nin room divider is a great way to keep things organized, which is probably why it sells out whenever we get some in.

Each room divider, which can be displayed vertically or horizontally, comes with eight fabric bins.

My Costco sells the Bayside O'nin room divider for $130.

Prep for a party or make a charcuterie board with the Kirkland Signature fruit, meat, and cheese tray.

A clear plastic tray containing pieces of salami, cheese cubes, and grapes
The Kirkland Signature fruit, meat, and cheese tray contains salami, cheddar, Gouda, and grapes.Veronica Thatcher

The new Kirkland Signature fruit, meat, and cheese platter is a great, hassle-free snack or appetizer.

Each tray features Italian salami, grapes, aged cheddar, and Gouda cheese. Trays at my store cost $7 per pound, which comes out to about $25.

Remove makeup with the Neutrogena plant-based cloth towlettes.

A hand holds a white box with a black Neutrogena label and pictures of blue Neutrogena makeup wipes on it
A box of the Neutrogena plant-based cloth towelettes contains three different varieties.Veronica Thatcher

Neutrogena plant-based cloth towelettes are my go-to for removing makeup, and Costco has the best price compared to other retailers I've seen.

Each box contains four packets of 25 makeup-removing wipes, one pack of Hydro Boost towelettes, and two travel packs. According to the box, these wipes can even remove waterproof mascara.

The Neutrogena cloth towelettes are $26 at my Costco.

When I'm hungry, I snack on the Yasso Greek-yogurt poppables.

A hand holds a blue plastic bag of Yasso Greek yogurt poppables with a picture of chocolate-covered balls of Greek yogurt
The Yasso Greek-yogurt poppables are covered in chocolate. Veronica Thatcher

Yasso frozen Greek-yogurt poppables are back at Costco for a limited time.

These bite-sized vanilla-bean Greek-yogurt bites are covered in a crunchy chocolate exterior. Personally, I love that each bite contains only 35 calories.

My Costco sells a 17-ounce bag for $10.

Upgrade an outdoor space with the Yardistry contemporary gazebo.

A wooden gazebo with a metal roof and detailing with a patio set of gray chairs and a brown fire pit table underneath on the floor at Costco
The Yardistry contemporary gazebo must be assembled after purchase.Veronica Thatcher

The Yardistry contemporary gazebo, which requires assembly, is a hot seller at our store. We get them every year, but the design differs each season.

This year, the gazebo is 14 feet tall and has an aluminum roof. The Yardistry contemporary gazebo costs $2,400 at my store.

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