J.S. Edwards In Pikesville Closing Its Doors After Nearly 40 Years In Business

After nearly four decades, a classic clothing store that’s been dressing men all across the Baltimore area is closing its doors.

Video Transcript

RICK RITTER: Well, after nearly four decades, the classic clothing store that's been dressing men all across the Baltimore area, now closing its doors. WJZ Live at 5 o'clock tonight, Stetson Miller tells us about the final weeks of business for J.S. Edwards and the history of this fine men's store. Stetson, all right, show us what you got.

STETSON MILLER: Hey there, Rick. This store has a very loyal following. Many who say there aren't many stores like it left. They're sad to see it go, but are happy for the owner, who's now retiring.

EDWARD STEINBERG: Great sweater, lightweight, real comfortable. Here's another one you might like.

STETSON MILLER: Edward Steinberg has been helping Baltimore men look for the best for nearly 40 years.

EDWARD STEINBERG: These are all 30 off, I think. We're kind of a niche type clothing, where we're in the higher end of men's designer clothing. Find some things, Lois? Find some things? OK, all right.

STETSON MILLER: And over the years, he's dressed local celebrities, politicians, lawyers, and more at J.S. Edwards, his fine men's clothing store in Pikesville. Recently decided, he's ready for a new chapter of his life and is retiring.

EDWARD STEINBERG: Our lease was up-- just said, you know what? It's time. It's right.

STETSON MILLER: His business has developed quite the following of loyal customers who say the clothing and service here is unlike any other store in the area.

- J.S. Edwards has been the go-to clothing store for me.

CHUCK WEINER: This is where I come when I want a special piece, special suit, things that you just don't find anyplace else in Baltimore.

STETSON MILLER: This store will stay open until sometime in June. Edward hasn't decided on the official closing date just yet.

EDWARD STEINBERG: Not till June. Our lease is up the end of June.

STETSON MILLER: In the meantime, he's holding a big sale. Everything being 20% to 60% off. He says he's looking forward to retirement but will miss everyone he's met and worked with after a good long run.

EDWARD STEINBERG: The loyalty they've given us over all the years has just been-- just overwhelming. It's very bittersweet really.

STETSON MILLER: And Edward wants to make it clear, this closing has nothing to do with the pandemic. It's just because he's ready to retire. He also wants people to continue to shop at great local stores just like this one. We're live in Pikesville. Stetson Miller for WJZ.