J&J expects vaccine approval in US 'within a month'

Johnson & Johnson Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels said Friday the vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company could be approved in the U.S. "within a month.'' (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

PAUL STOFFELS: We observed that across all the different regions, and especially in the very sick, it prevented very sick but also prevented against death and hospitalization. And that is what makes this pandemic so particular and so severe for the population and we are very happy to say that with a single dose we can reach this. We have worked for many, many years on this type of vaccine in different diseases, in Ebola, in Zika around the world and we took the best of it, pulled it together, and put it in one single dose and that will give this result.

90% of the strains in the study were from the South African strain which is a big high risk strain which is circulating there. And we would also protect up to 89% of people in that category in the severe disease for-- for being-- becoming sick and also that and hospitalization. So big finding and I think good news for the world.

We are working very hard on the data and we are ready to submit in the course of next week in-- in the United States. Very quickly, almost in parallel, we'll submit in Europe, MHRA, and different countries and work with the WHO on making sure it can get approved globally.

But I expect within a month that this could be cleared, at least starting in the US followed in Europe and then see how-- where else in the world.

We are upscaling as we developed the vaccine over the year. We started with building new plants in March last year, as we knew this was going to be very significant challenge for the world. We are producing in the US, we are producing in Europe, and in Asia. And so in parallel in the three sides, over time, in the three continents we'll be able, before the year end, get one billion vaccines to people. It's an upscaling model throughout the year, and so more details on where we deliver, when, how much, and at what time we'll do jointly with the governments as we come to the conclusion on the manufacturing and approvals in the next few weeks.