J.J. Watt feels like ‘a wimp’ after bathroom drama at home

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J.J. Watt had an unwanted guest in his bathroom Saturday morning.

The Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman is ready to handle anything and everything on the field.

What he wasn’t about to handle, touch or get near was the “baby rattlesnake” curled up in the corner of one of the bathrooms at his home.

Watt explained in a video that he is from Wisconsin and knows not about snakes. He had been warned they tend to appear during monsoon season near the mountains in Arizona, where Watts lives.

So, the 6-foot-5, 288-pounder did the wise thing, calling an expert on how to handle the serpents.

And the expert arrived, took one look, picked up the snake, and told Watt it wasn’t a baby rattlesnake, but rather a longnose snake. The expert said it was harmless, non-venomous and …

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire