Ja Rule Is Launching His Own Cinematic Universe

Charles Holmes

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Remakes, reboots, cinematic universes, and sequels: These are the titans of cinema in 2019. Out of the top 10 highest-grossing movies of the year, 60% of the titles are some sort of sequel, three are superhero movies from the MCU, two are live-action remakes of classic Disney cartoons, and only one is based on a completely original idea (Jordan Peele’s Us). Movie studios are glorified IP farms, and it looks like full-time rap legend and part-time music industry visionary, Ja Rule, is looking to leverage this opportunity in his field.

On Tuesday, Ja Rule announced via Twitter that he’s planning to film a music video for every song he’s ever released, which seems daunting and enticing and enticing in equal measures. “I will be rereleasing ALL of my albums as visual albums,” he wrote. “I will be making a video for every song I’ve ever made…what songs do y’all wanna see videos for?” After some thought, Ja backtracked the statement. Instead, updating fans that he will not be shooting videos for songs that already have visuals and admitting that he’d film around 40 videos. Predictably, many publications and people rolled their eyes at the news, but if Hollywood can re-package the same content in perpetuity, why can’t Ja?

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It’s unclear when these visual albums will be released, what directors will be tapped to bring this cinematic universe to life, and, more importantly, what streaming service will distribute this grand experiment (can anyone say exclusive Netflix deal?). Nevertheless, it appears that Ja is ready and willing to test the boundaries of entertainment and technology once again.

Read Ja’s master plan below.

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