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Jackie Bradley Jr. Took a Shot at Our Lou Merloni in His Farewell to Boston

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Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria, and Glenn Ordway take a second to laugh at Jackie Bradley Jr. who gave Lou a shoutout (read smackdown) in his farewell to Boston in the Player's Tribune.

Video Transcript

- From the Merloni shuttle to the duck boat parades.

- Wait, who is this? Who's saying this?

- From the Merloni shuttle to the duck boat parades. To Merloni shuttle-- I haven't heard that in years!

LOU MERLONI: Thanks for the tribute, Jackie.


- Jackie Bradley, Jr., on the Merloni shuffle?

- Shuttle, he's on the shuttle.

- Shuffle. It's Shuttle.

- Up and down.


- Back in forth his first year.

LOU MERLONI: Yeah. I don't know just-- I kind of-- I don't know about you guys, I kind of took that as a shot.

- So did I!

LOU MERLONI: I mean, you got like 2 paragraph thank you, I miss you and you just throw-- drops a Merloni shuttle in there.

- Are you being sensitive?

- Wait. I'm trying to think if you said anything negative about him in the past.

LOU MERLONI: Jackie has a list.

- Because he's one of those guys? He's a list guy?

- Yeah, he's a list guy.

LOU MERLONI: Remember what he did to [INAUDIBLE]?

- That was-- why didn't he mention [INAUDIBLE] in there somehow?


- You must have said something, you-- here's what happened. You probably said something at some point in time, he heard it years ago and then he asked, hey who's this Lou Merloni guy? Oh, don't worry about that guy. Back and forth.

LOU MERLONI: He probably saw-- heard some wacky tape about--


LOU MERLONI: --like how inconsistent he is, and how streaky he is, and when he's lost he's completely lost or so.

- Go away!

LOU MERLONI: Something weird like that. Something that was probably pretty accurate. Meanwhile he's sitting here talking about praising this guy, and how much you're going to miss him, but that's OK.

- But he's already gone, so he looks at it and says, OK, so Merloni's trying to make up for me now? Screw that, I'm going give him-- I'm going to get him a shot on the way out.

- So he's going to hold on to that. And when he says goodbye to the city of Boston, and all the Red Sox fans, he's going to make sure that he-- he takes a shot at you?

You know what, I would feel honored. I think I if I was you I'd feel flattered.

LOU MERLONI: Yeah, I do. I thought it was just funny, because somebody-- a buddy of mine sent this to me and he's like hey he gave you a shout-out. I'm like, what? I read it.

- Gave you a shout out. No, he took a shot.