Jackson crime meeting tomorrow

Jackson crime meeting tomorrow

Video Transcript

TROY JOHNSON: City Council meets on a regular basis to deal with crime and other issues. But Tuesday's meeting is not at City Hall. It will be here at New Horizon Church International.

RONNIE CRUDUP: Well, the city council approached us about hosting a big public meeting that they're going to do centering around crime.

TROY JOHNSON: Bishop Ronnie Crudup is the senior pastor at New Horizon. He says the city approached his church for several reasons, first, the ability to accommodate a sizeable crowd with COVID protocols, but also, because New Horizon is a critical community hub. He says he couldn't hide his excitement when he got the call.

RONNIE CRUDUP: Hey, God answers prayers, OK? Because we've been praying and seeking ways to be a help, as a part of the solution.

TROY JOHNSON: Jackson is in the midst of a crime crisis that has logged 49 homicides in 2021. The murders already ahead of the data at the same point in 2020, which was the deadliest year in the city's history. Council president Aaron Banks says the council will discuss the crime surge in a way that will identify resources that may be available to the city, including ways for agencies to collaborate to fight this war on crime and assist with the financial aspects.

Congressman Benny Thompson is expected to be in attendance, as well as state and county governmental officials. Crudup also says every member of the clergy in Jackson is invited.

RONNIE CRUDUP: I want to say, first, we care about all of the horrific things we're seeing, second, that we're all unified, that we've got to get involved to really bring the change that's needed.

TROY JOHNSON: Most importantly, the public is invited to share and contribute. Crudup says every Jacksonian should plan to be a part of this meeting.

RONNIE CRUDUP: We're just encouraging people, let's get involved, let's be active. This is a time for good activity.

MEGAN WEST: 16 WAPT's Troy Johnson joining us live tonight. Troy, very clear from Bishop Crudup they're hoping for a big turnout for this discussion. So give us the details. Where are they having this meeting?

TROY JOHNSON: Well, Megan, this meeting happens tomorrow at 6:00 PM at New Horizon church on Ellis Avenue. You can see that address on your screen. Now, council president Aaron Banks says he is also looking forward to the community being a part of this conversation, giving their input on crime as a part of what he calls an all-hands-on-deck approach to making the capital city safer for all of us.