Jackson Health To Expand COVID-19 Vaccination For Florida Residents Age 55 With Specific Medical Conditions

Jackson Health System announced on Friday the expansion of Jackson’s vaccination criteria to include Florida residents age 55 and older with specific medical conditions. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/3blX1wr

Video Transcript

- John, thank you. And a big announcement moments ago from Jackson Health System. People 55 and over with specific health conditions will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as next week.

CARLOS MIGOYA: We will continue to take care of people over 65 with any kind of conditions, or no conditions. And we will also be taking care of people over 55 with thirteen specific medical conditions, as we outlined and we will further be outlined in our online page. The reason why we have taken this decision, as we have not gotten to the point that we've been doing several weeks of people over 65, we're seeing a slowness in people over 65 coming up with appointments.

- And here is that list of conditions. There's breast cancer, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, COPD, coronary artery disease with bypass, Down syndrome, end stage renal failure, leukemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, morbid obesity defined as a body mass index above 40, sickle cell disease, or the patient is a solid organ transplant recipient. For a closer look at these conditions and more information on Jackson's expansion, head to our website cbsmiami.com.