Jaguars fan’s mean tweet about Chiefs fan’s snack brings viral love for KC Potato Girl

Twitter users JKILL FROM JVILLE and KC Potato Girl

Social media turned the tables on a Jacksonville Jaguars fan who mocked a Chiefs fan at Arrowhead Stadium for the baked snack she was enjoying during Saturday’s game. She’s a viral celebrity now.

All hail KC Potato Girl!

The Chiefs fan went viral when Twitter user JKILL FROM JVILLE (@JKillJagSwag904) posted a photo of her in the stands.

“KC fan eating a Baked potato out her pocket,” he tweeted to his 1,300 followers, along with three vomit-face and two green-faced emojis.

The tweet had more than a million views by Monday.

She saw the tweet and responded with Kansas City aplomb: I yam what I yam. (Insert shrugging emoji here.)

I caught you taking my photo as well. But I enjoyed a baked potato and a win. How about you?” responded the Chiefs fan, who appears to have set up a Twitter account on Saturday at KC Potato Girl, @nicnacpattiwac6.

Golf Digest declared her a “spec-tater for the ages.”

Potato Girl was unavailable for comment on Monday.

Burger chain Wendy’s, which serves baked potatoes in several iterations, sent Potato Girl some love when it saw the snack smack, tweeting: “Nothing but respect for a quality baked potato.”

“Only thing that would have made it better was with a little @Wendys chili,” Potato Girl replied.

Most people came to her defense, aside from a few salty comments about Chiefs Kingdom.

“Hey, they don’t have beaches there. They aren’t normal. Leave her alone.”

“This is actually a solid idea. Now if it were potatoes au gratin, not so much.”

“She probably has a pulled pork sandwich in the other one.”

“A baked potato is way low on the list of weirdest things people at Arrowhead have eaten out of their pockets.”

“I was prepared to laugh at this then I realized this genius invented edible hand warmers.”

Then MexicoMarty piped up: “Already been done…”

And MexicoMarty isn’t even the first. Any fan of Missourian Laura Ingalls Wilder knows baked potatoes were the go-to handwarmers long before the NFL was invented.

Potato Girl responded directly to several of the tweets, telling one user she had to take the foil off the spud to get through security.

When one person noted how the potato could soak up the booze, she replied that she was happy with just the potato.

In the end, when the Chiefs mashed the Jaguars, the Florida fan took his loss gracefully.

And Potato Girl, flush with newfound fame, announced a party for next weekend’s AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Welp. Looks like we are having a Potato bar tailgate next week at Arrowhead! ... Tell your friends.”