New Jailhouse Video Allegedly Records Loveland Officer Recounting Forceful Arrest Of 73-Year-Old With Dementia

Newly released jail security footage obtained by CBS4 allegedly shows Loveland Police Officer Austin Hopp recounting the moment he felt 73-year-old Karen Garner's shoulder “pop” during an arrest.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: New developments tonight in a story CBS 4 has been following closely for you. A woman with dementia was injured during this encounter with Loveland police officers. This video has been enhanced, revealing never-before-heard statements from those officers.

DARIA JALALI: How do you think it went?

AUSTIN HOPP: Well, I thought it went great.


AUSTIN HOPP: Did you not?

KAREN LEIGH: CBS 4's Dillon Thomas was the first to break this development earlier this morning. Dylan joins us live tonight with more on what that video shows. Dillon.

DILLON THOMAS: Yeah, the newly obtained and disturbing video was recorded right here in this building behind me, the Loveland police headquarters. Inside, a 73-year-old with dementia was chained to the bench of a cell, with a broken arm, separated shoulder, and a sprained wrist. Originally, the police department told us they weren't aware of any severe injuries in this case. But the video that was recorded inside suggests the opposite.

- No, no, no. On the ground.

SARAH SCHIELKE: As if things could get any worse, they've gotten much worse.

DILLON THOMAS: Facing a federal lawsuit following a forceful arrest of a woman with dementia--

- I told you to stop.

DILLON THOMAS: Loveland police claimed they weren't aware 73-year-old Karen Garner was severely injured in an altercation with officer Austin Hopp. But newly-obtained video, digitally enhanced by the law firm representing Ms. Garner, suggests the opposite.

AUSTIN HOPP: And I was pushing, pushing, pushing, and I hear "pop." Like, [GASP], oh, no.

DILLON THOMAS: Garner's arm was broken, her shoulder separated, and wrist sprained, yet she sat for hours chained to a bench without medical treatment, as Hopp and other officers watched the body camera recording. Officer Daria Jalali was uncomfortable as Hopp and others laughed.

DARIA JALALI: I hate this.

AUSTIN HOPP: This is great.

DARIA JALALI: I hate it!

AUSTIN HOPP: I love it.

SARAH SCHIELKE: It made me sick.

DILLON THOMAS: Garner's lawyer, Sarah Schielke, said this security footage squashes the department's claims of not knowing of her client's dementia or injuries.

AUSTIN HOPP: I'm a little worried that she's, like, senile and stuff.

SARAH SCHIELKE: You see the intent. You see the knowledge. It tells a very different story. Loveland knew.

- In addition--

- Did you read her Miranda?


DILLON THOMAS: When asked how he felt the arrest went--

AUSTIN HOPP: Well, I thought it went great.


AUSTIN HOPP: Did you not?

DILLON THOMAS: But Officer Jalali hesitated to respond. Schielke believes Jalali was disturbed by what happened, yet she and other officers who watched the video alongside Hopp allegedly still failed to speak up.

The charges against Garner have been dropped. Now, it's the arresting officer, Austin Hopp-- yeah, Austin Hopp, I should say, who could be facing the charges when all is said and done. Loveland police today declining to interview with CBS 4, saying they have to respect the investigation, which is now being conducted by Fort Collins police. Reporting live in Loveland, Dillon Thomas, covering Colorado first.