Jamaica's bobsleigh team ready for Winter Olympics

"Once I get into the sled, all I do is a I sit down, hold on, and have a little prayer."

Nimroy Turgott is part of Jamaica's four-man bobsleigh team which has qualified for the winter Olympics for the first time in 24 years.

Jamaica has been a welcome sight at the Winter Olympics since beating the odds to qualify in 1988.

That sporting achievement inspired the feel-good Disney film 'Cool Runnings'.

But the four-man team had not qualified since 1998.

Now Turgott and his teammates are heading to Beijing.

And he says, with many sporting facilities closed in the global health crisis, they've inadvertently borrowed from the movie.

They resorted to pushing a Mini Cooper around the streets of the UK's Peterborough to stay fit.

"So, that was a bit fun and also funny to some people. And now when I'm looking back at Cool Runnings, it was exactly similar, but at that moment we weren't thinking about, 'oh, let's do this because it's in Cool Runnings'. We were just thinking about how to get ourselves better and prepared for when it's time."

Turgott is determined to make amends after the team failed to qualify for Pyeongchang four years ago by one spot

But they also face other challenges.

"Jamaica definitely has the athletes, but equipment-wise we don't have the best equipment. But we're not complaining. We have to go there and use what we have and perform to the best of our ability to represent our beautiful country, Jamaica."

A GoFundMe for the Jamaica Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation Foundation has raised $5,600 so far, a fraction of the cost for a bobsleigh.

Turgott, who comes from an eastern suburb of Kingston, will also feature in the two-man bobsleigh.

He hopes the team can capture people's imaginations and bring Jamaica's reggae vibes to the Olympics.

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