Jamal Adams unfollows Jets on Instagram

Mike Florio

On the surface, it feels stupid, petty, and foolish to track the social-media habits of pro athletes. At a deeper level, gestures like unfollowing the team and/or removing any reference to it from the bio provide important glimpses into a player’s mindset.

The latest player who may be thinking about moving on from the team that drafted him is Jets safety Jamal Adams.

Adams has unfollowed the Jets on Instagram, and he has removed any reference to Adams from his bio.

Adams is still following the Jets on Twitter. So who knows what any of it means?

But here’s the reality: Players are realizing that they have power, and the better a player is, the more power he has. And with guys like Minkah Fitzpatrick getting traded by the Dolphins and Jalen Ramsey openly asking for a trade out of Jacksonville, other players will be inspired to make the same move.

With Adams, here’s the other reality: He’s not bashful. If he wants out of New York, he’ll quickly do more than play games on social media. He’ll make his wishes known.