James Bond producers haven't started looking for Daniel Craig's replacement

Anyone who likes their chances of filling Daniel Craig's tuxedo as the next 007 still has a little while to get in shape. When EW caught up with James Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson last week, the pair revealed that they aren't yet looking for the actor to star in the next of the super spy's film adventures.

"We haven't begun the hunt," Broccoli told EW. "We're going to be sort of sitting down and trying to figure out where the Bond series is going to go, and we need to do that first, to get a sense of that, before we start casting for the role. So we'll start thinking about that sometime next year."

So, to be clear, prospective Bonds should not yet be waiting for you to give them a call?

"Not so much, no," said Broccoli. "No one should be waiting by the phone yet."

Daniel Craig in No Time to Die
Daniel Craig in No Time to Die

MGM Daniel Craig in 'No Time to Die'

The producers have always been aware that finding a replacement for Craig, who starred in five Bond movies starting with 2006's Casino Royale, will be a tough mission. When EW spoke with Broccoli back in December 2019 about the search for a new 007, the producer admitted that she simply couldn't wrap her head around the No Time to Die actor's departure from the franchise.

"I'm in denial, to be honest, about Daniel," she said. "I can't really confront that right now."

Bond fans won't have to wait long to see the reason for EW's chat with the pair, a new documentary titled The Sound of 007, which details the history of the franchise's music and premieres on Prime Video Oct. 5.

"It was a labor of love," said Wilson. "We were thinking of something to do for the 60th anniversary, and we'd done different kinds of documentaries over the years, and the idea of doing a music one seemed to fit. So many great songs, and so many great performers, and so many great composers, it just seemed like the time."

Watch the trailer for trailer for The Sound of 007 below.

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