James Bond star Lea Seydoux says Tom Cruise would win in a fight with Daniel Craig

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  • Lea Seydoux said Daniel Craig would lose in a fight against Tom Cruise.

  • Seydoux has starred alongside both leading men who are known for performing their own stunts.

  • Seydoux stars in the latest Bond movie, "No Time To Die."

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Lea Seydoux believes Daniel Craig, 53, would be no match for Tom Cruise, 59, in a fight, she revealed during an interview with Craig present to promote the new highly anticipated Bond film "No Time To Die."

Seydoux starred alongside Cruise in 2011's "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" - and she was asked to compare her experience working with Cruise to Craig on the James Bond as both are known for performing their own daring stunt.

"In a fight, who would win: Daniel Craig or Tom Cruise," Graham Norton asked Seydoux during an interview to which she laughed and replied: "Tom Cruise, of course."

Seydoux has played Madeleine Swann, the deadly companion to Craig's 007, in three James Bond films. Later during the interview on "The Grahame Norton show," Seydoux said that she returned to the franchise because there had been an improvement in the quality of the film's female roles.

Seydoux also discussed the impact "Fleabag" writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was brought onto the film to rework the script, had on the final film.

"She wrote for us and Lashana [Lynch] as well and she's great," Seydoux said. "I love her I'm a huge fan, actually, but I saw her briefly on set and I wish I had more time with her."

Of Waller-Bridge, Craig added: "We didn't have enough time with her. She's very, very busy, so we got her for snippets and she came in and had a big influence on the script. She's one of the best around and she freed up a lot of things."

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Seydoux - who is one of the most successful French actors of her generation - has discussed the evolution of female characters in the Bond franchise extensively during the press run for "No Time To Die."

During a recent interview with Sky News, Seydoux said she believed Bond is now less of a "misogynist."

"I think that this time the female characters have more depth and are stronger, but not only stronger because they are skilled and powerful, but also we want to have more interesting female characters - we want to relate to them," she said.

"It's the first time that a female character is coming back - we get to know her and we get to know Madeleine in 'No Time To Die,' so I think that in that sense, it's much more interesting."

"No Time To Die" opens in UK theaters on September 30. The film is Daniel Craig's last outing as 007.

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