James Charles Tried the Viral Aging FaceApp and I Am SCREAMING

Kelsey Stiegman
Photo credit: Instagram

From Seventeen

Scrolling down my Instagram feed lately is like looking into the year 2070. Thanks to the viral FaceApp, which shows you what you'd look like in 50 years, celebs have been aging themselves left and right – and the results are freaking hysterical.

Noah Centineo, Cole Sprouse, and the Jonas Brothers have all tried it out (Nick looks kind of hot, not gonna lie) and now, James Charles has taken on the challenge.

Last night, Sister James ditched FaceTune for FaceApp, giving us all a glimpse of what our futures would look like without proper skincare routines.

He took on the challenge makeup free, but honestly, I wish he'd done it as his drag persona – we stan an 80-year-old queen.

Anyway, this is the before:

And THIS is the after:

Whew. I need to do a face mask.

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