James Comer Melts Down Over Report He Did the Exact Same Thing as Joe Biden

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Representative James Comer had a complete meltdown Tuesday when asked about loans he appears to have given his brother.

Comer has insisted for months that Joe Biden is guilty of corruption, most recently citing a check the president gave his brother Jim Biden in 2018. But last week, a Daily Beast report revealed that Comer and his own brother have engaged in multiple land swaps over the years through family-owned businesses that do not appear to actually exist.

When Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz asked Comer about the loans during a House hearing Tuesday, Comer grew incensed.

“I’ve never loaned my brother one penny,” Comer said, calling the story “completely false.”

Comer also said it was “bullshit” that the story said he owned a shell company. As he continued to deny that he had loaned his brother money or that his family had engaged in shady business dealings, he grew more heated.

“You look like a Smurf here, just going around and stuff!” he yelled at Moskowitz. “You continue to spew disinformation!”

As Moskowitz shouted questions, specifically why voters should believe Comer, the Kentucky Republican yelled over him. He told the Democrat to go to Comer’s district and see all the land Comer owns for himself.

At one point, Comer said, “You’ve already been proven a liar, Mr. Moskowitz!”

“Who’s proven me a liar—you? Your word means nothing!” Moskowitz shot back.

Moskowitz then challenged Comer to sit for a deposition about the loan. Comer said he would be happy to sit down with Hunter and Jim Biden.

Before the hearing returned to its original agenda, Moskowitz delivered a parting shot.

“We believe everything in the media, like when you go on Fox News and say things—and everyone says that they’re true—with innuendos and ifs and maybes, the Biden family, the crime family, all this nonsense,” he said. “But when it happens to you, it’s fake news.”

“There should be the same standard. You said at the beginning of this year, the Biden administration can’t have it both ways. Neither can you, Mr. Chairman!”