Jamie Foxx heads back to sitcom roots in 'Dad Stop Embarrasing Me!'

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx heads home to TV with new sitcom, ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Loosely based off his relationship with his daughter Corrinne, the Netflix show is his first TV series since his popular “The Jamie Foxx Show.” (April 14)

Video Transcript


- Hallelujah!

- Hallelujah!

- The question is, why can't I have a yacht?


- Sasha, Malia, yes, we can.

- OK, when the Obama starts, I got to go.

- Oh!

- Is this like riding a bike? Because we all were fans of "The Jamie Foxx Show." Was this getting back into the grove?

JAMIE FOXX: It didn't start off like that. I had a bike with a couple of flat tires when we first started. But we found the groove, man.

When the show finds a vibe, now you can just hope that, you know, the public who see it-- but the vibe that we found the Kyla coming onto the set donning the character of my daughter, and her and my daughter having their own thing. You know what I'm saying? Making sure, yo, let him do his thing.

You're going to keep this-- so when you find that type of vibe, and David Alan Grier-- who's just-- to me, just really makes the show-- you feel good about it. You know, you feel good about it.

And like I said, I caught this bug when we did live in front of a studio audience with George Jefferson. I said, man, the sitcom will never die. And so I think we did a pretty good job-- a great job with it.

- What are you wearing?

- I'm wearing the latest skinny jeans.

- Those jeans aren't skinny. They're starving!


- Uhh!

KYLA-DREW: I learned a lot of things on and off screen. But I think the major thing that I learned, that I feel like will follow me for the rest of my life is pretty much just holding my own, knowing I got here because I'm talented. I can hold my own with these two-- this awesome cast. And yeah, I guess just holding my own, knowing my talent.



- Pops, what are you doing? It's smells like a Snoop concert down here. Why can't you be like every other father? Just get drunk and pass out.

- It's 2019 for God's sake.

- It's 2021 for God's sake! Damn, this some good sh--

- Oh!


Let's have a good time.