Jana Kramer to daughter: No 'drunken, one-night-stand first-time sex'

The "One Tree Hill" alum talked how she'll tell her daughter, now 3, about first-time sex and sharing her own first time. She also shared fertility woes.

Jana Kramer's daughter is only 3.

But the country singer and "One Tree Hill" alum already has some sage advice on first-time sex for her.

"This is what I'll say to her, I don't want her to have the drunken, one-night-stand first-time sex."

We're guessing her daughter, Jolie, won't hear this wisdom until she's much older. Kramer, 35, shared her thoughts on motherhood, which included a look back on her fertility issues, on E's new digital show Mom2Mom with "Daily Pop" host Carissa Culiner.

Leading up to the birds-and-the-bees talk, Kramer said she thought it was possible to be a strict parent AND a friend to your children. In addition to her daughter, Kramer has a 3-month-old son, Jace, with husband and former NFL player Mike Caussin.

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"My mom was my friend," she said. "I want them to know they're my friend, too. I felt like I could go to my mom and talk to her about anything. And I want the same thing for my kids."

Kramer said she's never been drunk and this shocked Culiner who said she may have been "missing out." Kramer said her "control issues" kept her from having more than two glasses of wine and her mother always trusted her with drinking when she was younger.

"My mom would say, 'If you want a wine cooler, you can have a wine cooler.' "

Culiner asked if these "open conversations" would continue with her daughter and include the topic of sex.

This prompted Kramer to say, "I think you should test drive the car before you get married."

In addition to revealing her daughter should steer clear of drunken, one-night stands for her first-time sexual encounter Kramer also revealed her own first time.

"My first time having sex — he was my high school boyfriend. We were together three years. I loved him and I'll never regret that. Like, ever. Now, there are some partners that I do regret because I didn’t love them … but maybe I don’t regret that. I don’t know. The first time — just make it someone you care about."

Kramer shares fertility woes

Kramer said she had two miscarriages before having Jolie and three before having Jace. Both of Kramer's pregnancies happened after failed rounds of IVF, and  were conceived naturally. Kramer told Culiner she was clearing space on her smartphone and saw some videos she shared with fans after a miscarriage and reflected on that time.

"Man, if I would have known (then) where I am today, I would have trusted the process a little more," she said. "But in that moment it was like 'I'm never having kids. God is not going to let me be a mom again.' But it's going to be OK. It will happen. Trust me."


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