Jane Seymour Reflects on the Last Time She Saw Olivia Newton-John: 'She Was Frail… but Incredibly Positive'

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When Jane Seymour met Olivia Newton-John, she was starstruck. "Oh gosh, she's a superstar" she recalled thinking at the time on Tuesday's episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast with host Janine Rubenstein.

But that immediate awe turned into a decades-long friendship with the iconic Grease star, who died on Aug. 8 from breast cancer.

As two young women pursuing careers in Hollywood and raising families at the same time, Seymour and Newton-John became a support system for one another and shared a deep bond because of it.

"The basis of our friendship, over 40-plus years, was 'How did we do it all,' " Seymour said. "We shared our ups and downs and ins and outs and everything, from marriages and relationships, to children to career, to health – everything. We were like confidants to one another."

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour attend the 2019 Industry Dance Awards
Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour attend the 2019 Industry Dance Awards

Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

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Seymour had high praise for the way her friend handled everything in her life, in which Newton-John saw incredible success as well as very low moments.

"She was just a very bright, special light, you know?" Seymour said. "I don't even know that she ever imagined she'd be as famous as she was, but she carried it with such class and authenticity and responsibility. And I think that's rare."

Equally important, Newton-John was also incredibly open and honest about the hardships she faced in life as well, something Seymour greatly admires: "The legacy she left is way more than the talent that she had in her performances. Her legacy of being open enough to talk about cancer, to talk about life, to talk about body, mind, and spirit in terms of healing just in general and, you know, just positivity in life… That's what she left me with."

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Seymour spent time with Newton-John in the last few years of her life, and took away many special memories with her friend.

"She would just say, 'You know what? Life is just so precious and I appreciate it. I choose to see the beauty… and I'm surrounded by love.'"

Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic Olivia Newton-John

This generosity and kindness remained true of the Grammy-award-winning actress even during her hardest and sickest times, recalls Seymour.

A few years ago, Seymour visited Newton-John at her ranch in California. "She was on a huge number of meds because she was in such terrible pain… she could barely walk. She was so frail," she shared.

But this did not stop Newton-John from radiating the same positivity her friend adored her for.

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"She just wanted to hear about our successes and our happiness and our joy," Seymour shared. "She wanted positivity. That was it. I've never seen her cry or get negative about anything, ever."

Seymour suggests that there's much to be learned from Newton-John: "I'm gonna leave the message that she would want all of us to be celebrating, not just her life, but how we can maybe take her wisdom and fly with it.'

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