Janesville man accused of assaults, threats

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Sep. 28—JANESVILLE — A Janesville man allegedly repeatedly assaulted and threatened a woman, tried to push her into oncoming traffic, forced her back into a vehicle with a knife and drove drunk at 100 mph.

Benjamin Daniel Jarabek, 42, was charged with felony and gross misdemeanor counts of assault and felony threats Monday in Waseca County District Court.

A woman who knows Jarebek told police he was intoxicated and got mad at her for not driving fast enough Saturday. He slapped her, screamed at her and pulled her hair, according to a court complaint.

The woman said she pulled over and got out of the car. Jarabek allegedly tried to push her into the road in front of oncoming traffic, then forced her to get back inside the car.

She drove a bit farther, then pulled over and got out again. Jarabek allegedly pulled out a pocket knife and forced her back inside.

He reportedly drove this time and traveled 100 mph while saying he planned to crash and kill her. It was one of several times he threatened her, the woman said.

When they arrived at their destination, the woman said Jarabek head-butted her three times and pounded her head into the dashboard and window.

The woman was then able to get away. She was taken to a hospital with facial swelling, bruising and multiple small cuts, the charges say.

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