Janesville man accused of gun threats

Aug. 22—WASECA — A Janesville man is accused of waving a gun around and threatening to shoot people before ditching the firearm Monday, according to a criminal complaint.

Dustin James Fiecke-Ekensteen, 29, was charged Tuesday with felonies for burglary, burglary in possession of a weapon, assaulting a person during a burglary, making terroristic threats and escaping from custody in Waseca County District Court. He also faces a gross misdemeanor for domestic assault and a misdemeanor for obstructing the legal process.

A criminal complaint alleges two people tried to stop Fiecke-Ekensteen from drinking at their residence with two women who weren't old enough to legally consume alcohol. One person told police that Fiecke-Ekensteen proceeded to kick in the door and threatened to shoot her.

A child in the home told police he heard Fiecke-Ekensteen "triggering" a gun downstairs.

Police say Fiecke-Ekensteen stashed the gun somewhere afterward. After taking him into custody, police warned him about the dangers of a child finding the gun, but he reportedly denied ever having it.

"Why would I bring it here?" the complaint quotes him as saying. "I like my hunting rights."

The complaint states Fiecke-Ekensteen resisted and was "verbally assaulting" officers while they detained him. He reportedly tried to escape by kicking around in the squad car.

Officers at one point returned to the squad car to find him smoking a cigarette inside. He had apparently slipped his handcuffed hands in front of him and was bragging and laughing about it, asking the officers where he should "ash" the cigarette.

One of the people who tried to stop Fiecke-Ekensteen from drinking at the residence told police that the gun was likely his .45-caliber handgun, which was missing. He thought Fiecke-Ekensteen threw the gun in a garbage can.

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