Janey becomes Boston's first Black, female mayor

Kim Janey marked her historic elevation as the first woman and Black resident to serve as mayor of Boston with a ceremonial swearing-in event Wednesday, presided by U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley. (March 24)

Video Transcript

KIM JANEY: I, Kim Janey--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: Do solemnly swear--

KIM JANEY: --do solemnly swear--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform--

KIM JANEY: --that I will faithfully--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --and impartially

KIM JANEY: --impartially--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --discharge and perform--

KIM JANEY: --discharge and perform--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --all the duties incumbent on me--

KIM JANEY: --all the duties incumbent on me--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --as mayor of the city of Boston.

KIM JANEY: --as mayor of the city of Boston.

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: According to the best of my ability--

KIM JANEY: According to the best of my ability--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --and understanding.

KIM JANEY: --and understanding.

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: Agreeably to the rules--

KIM JANEY: --agreeably to the rules--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --and regulations--

KIM JANEY: --and regulations--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --of the Constitution--

KIM JANEY: --of the Constitution--

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: --and the laws of the Commonwealth.

KIM JANEY: --and the laws of the Commonwealth.

KIMBERLY S. BUDD: So help me, God.

KIM JANEY: So help me, God.


Today is a new day. I stand before you as the first woman, and the first Black mayor of Boston, the city that I love. I come to this day with life experience that is different from the men who came before me.

- We can trust that where there's hurt--

KIM JANEY: But when I was just 11 years old, school busing rolled into my life. I was forced onto the front lines of the 1970s battle to desegregate Boston Public Schools. I had rocks and racial slurs thrown at my bus, simply for attending school while Black

AYANNA PRESSLEY: I first met Kim when I was a Boston City councilor.

KIM JANEY: I grew up quickly, becoming a mother in high school. I cleaned bathrooms to afford Smith College to give my daughter everything she needed to succeed. As I assume the responsibilities of Mayor of Boston, I promise to give you bold, courageous leadership, starting with an unrelenting focus to address the impacts of COVID-19.

We must do a better job of making vaccines accessible, especially in communities hardest hit. These obstacles create an opportunity. An opportunity to come together, to heal and build a better and more equitable city. I am humbled and passionate about the possibilities for Boston, the city that I love.